of data analytics professionals say their firms need to increase use of external data sources.


of professionals find external data difficult to acquire.

Source: Forrester, “Digital is driving the next generation of data marketplaces,” December 2017

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We automate and elevate relationships between large companies’ organizations and the growing ecosystem of data providers.

StarZData products easily connect with your systems’ and data providers’ to drive performance and innovation.

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Data aggregators

Research companies

Alternative data providers

SaaS providers

Open Data platforms

Public opinion specialists

News aggregators

Research institutes

Interest for Data & Insights providers

One of our core missions is to develop the 77 billion euros data market in Europe (source : IDC, Datalandscape.eu), and foster positive relationships between buyers and sellers in this unique ecosystem. We invest as much in the success of our clients as in the fast development of our partners.


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Invest on the right topics.


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